C.C. Shoes

CC is the initials of Carolina Caracciolo who owns the company and we are known for artisan high-quality shoes that combine leading design with uncompromising comfort and style. Handcrafted timeless footwear is part of our DNA and company's ethos

We partner with our suppliers in Italy and Spain to create footwear utilising sustainable process and products to establish an innovative style, a style that is responsible to our environment, a style that focuses on craftsmanship, a style that disrupts the cycle of fashion as we know it.CC shoes is identified with finesse in design, style, offering key staple wardrobe pieces like our button boots and espadrille.

All shoes at CC Shoes are manufactured in Europe, mainly in Italy. Our producers explore new technologies and basically use their traditional craftsmanship to create innovative and long-term products. Each step in the manufacturing process is handled completely manually. Everything from cutting and dyeing materials, to sewing, punching, and pressing. All shoes that leave the factory have been designed and inspected by skilled craftsmen. There are no mechanical shortcuts to world-leading design, comfort, and quality.

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